Quality Control

Bedford Medical Disposables prides itself in delivering a high quality product. This is why we have a number of quality control procedures in place to guarantee a high quality product to our customers and end users. We test each and every container to ensure that each delivery is standardised to our specific specifications.

We issue a Safety Data Sheet for every product that we sell. We make sure that our product conforms to the data disclosed within these sheets. Furthermore, all our sanitizers are manufactured within the EU and comply with Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulation. This means all chemicals used are of a premium quality and designed for maximum effectiveness. This is very important as many less scrupulous companies are either importing from outside of Europe, where these companies are not subjected to the same degree of regulation, or simply using products which have not been included on this list. This often results in an inferior and less effective product to the end consumer.

As an ethical company we have a duty to the end user by ensuring that our products are optimized correctly to target Covid 19. This is why we pay more to ensure a better quality product which helps in keeping people safe.

As our sanitizers have a high quantity of alcohol there is a fire risk due to the flammability of the main ingredient. We ensure that all of our products are clearly labelled notifying anyone who may come into contact with the product of dangers concerned. We always follow the safety regulation when transporting the product to our customers.