About Us

We are a UK wholesale company that supplies approved medical and chemical products to help combat against global viral pandemics such as Covid 19. As a company we distribute predominantly throughout Europe. Our main product lines are manufactured Hand and Surface sanitisers.

We offer a liquid based solution that has many practical applications. This product is a highly effective hand and surface sanitizer. Our product is the ideal mix of 70% percent of alcohol. We also produce a hand sanitizer gel which has an 80% alcohol content. Both products include glycerol to promote hand health.

Bedford Medical Disposables also provides a non alcohol based solution that also kills 99.99% of germs. This product is more popular around Europe and complies with UK and EU regulatory standards. A European Data Sheet is also available for this product. All Bedford Medical Disposables products conform to UK and EU regulatory standards. A European Data Sheet is available to any prospective clients. This is important documentation demonstrating the quality and reliability of each product. We act as a major wholesaler for many Personal Protective Equipment product lines. These products are sourced from third part counterparts. We only accept orders for these products when we are in physical possession of these products. However we are launching sanitizer products directly to the retail market via the branded name SDS LAB.